Guardian 3.0

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Guardian 3.0

117 ratings

Guardian 3.0 is a Cyberpunk 2077 inspired Avatar with the idea in mind that he would be some sort of Arasaka Bodyguard or Agent of sorts if he were to exist in the Cyberpunk Universe

the list of features he has are 30+ Toggles, (Clothing, Material Swaps, etc..) Grabbable Katana, Grabbable knives on the backpack, Fire Particle effect for the Katana, GoGo Locomotion for desktop users and half bodies, Wings With Movement, Facial Gestures, Custom PBR Textures (By: LuckysRevenge)

This Avatar is SFW Only

If you enjoyed Cyberpunk 2077 and the Edgerunners Anime then this Avatar would be a good fit for you.

FBT Tested & Ready - PC ONLY Avatar not compatible with Quest without optimizing it

Discord Members get a Discount on my Avatars - JOIN HERE (Join for Pre-orders too)

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  1. Import Guardian Package (SDK is in the package already)
  2. Import Poiyomi Pro 8 (not-included) - if you dont have Pro use toon and switch out the Materials
  3. Upload

Make sure to use Unity 2019.4.31f1

Contact me on Discord Pastnight#5112 if you have any issues uploading or any issues in general and i will help the best i can, i can do uploads but they are a additional $10 - also if you want to pay directly through PayPal DM me on Discord

please contact me before leaving a negative review so i can try and resolve any dislikes or concerns you have


★ DO NOT leak, trade, upload for a friend, split the price, resell the avatar or redistribute (only Private Uploads are allowed)

★ YOU may NOT: upload this model to other accounts or use parts of this model for commercial use this is for PRIVATE use only

★DO NOT make changes of my work and turn the avatar around to resell.

★You MUST enter your Discord ID, VRChat name in order to purchase.

★ If you wish to use any of the assets that are on this avatar you must purchase/download from the original creators the list can be found below in the credits section. DONT Reuse any of the textures unless its for a personal model only

★No refunds. If you purchase the asset and the transaction is completed, the order is finished


Helmet: Virtual Threads (gumroad.com)

Wings: Virtual Threads (gumroad.com)

Head: https://zinpia.gumroad.com/

Base: https://mistyvr.gumroad.com/

Vest: https://nippnipp.gumroad.com/

Pants: https://kc3d.gumroad.com/

Mask: https://lodsgalaxy.gumroad.com/ (HEAVILY EDITED BY ME)

Knives: https://lodsgalaxy.gumroad.com/

Backpack: https://evorain.gumroad.com/

Harness: https://apyr.gumroad.com/

Glove: https://apyr.gumroad.com/

Rings: https://apyr.gumroad.com/

Boots: https://nippnipp.gumroad.com/

Hair: https://gashina.gumroad.com/

Veil: https://gashina.gumroad.com/

Fishnets: https://gashina.gumroad.com/

CyberHood: https://hoizen.gumroad.com/

Katana: https://bobster3d.gumroad.com/

Scarf: https://holoexe.gumroad.com/

GoGo: https://franadavrc.gumroad.com/

Every Asset was retextured by LuckysRevenge: https://luckysrevenge.com/

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